Old Members

Jan Jager from Zwolle (The Netherlands) plays bass- and tenor-trombone with the BoneBrass Ensemble. He formerly played with the Magnus Brass Ensemble and the Gelders Fanfare Band conducted by Tijmen Botma. Both incidentally and structurally, Jan also played with many other bands and orchestras. Jan studied at the Groningen and Zwolle Academies of Music, after which he now works as an arranger and a trombone teacher. Some of the works played by the BoneBrass Ensemble are his arrangements. He plays a Michael Rath Bass Trombone and a King 4B Tenor Trombone.

Tjark Jan Wierenga

from Aalden (The Netherlands) played tenor-trombone with the BoneBrass Ensemble.
He studied at the Zwolle Academy of Music, and also followed instrumental classes with Nick Danens. During his years at the Academy, he and a fellow piano-student collaborated in several solo-performances, as well as participated in many premier solo contests. Until recently, he performed on a regular basis with with many light-opera companies. Nowadays, he frequently free-lances with numerous classical and ‘pick-up’ orchestras. He formerly played with the Magnus Brass Ensemble and several leading wind-bands in The Netherlands. As a draftee, he also played trombone with the “Fanfare Band of the Limburg Rifles”, and in this capacity he participated in several foreign tours. Tjark Jan conducted a fanfare-band for a number of years, and was also active as a stand-in conductor with various other bands. Like all members of BoneBrass, Tjark Jan also arranges for the trombone-quartet. He played an Edwards Tenor-trombone T-327 and a Rath JP 230.

Cees Tetteroo

Albert de Roos