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The origin of BoneBrass: The Dutch chamber music ensemble, BoneBrass, is formed by the trombone players, Jan Bults, Gert van Veldhuizen and Joop Mars. BoneBrass originated in their cooperation over the years in different ad-hoc orchestras. In the autumn of 1997 they decided to prolong this cooperation in the form of an ensemble. It was their ambition to promote the trombone as a vocal solo instrument for a bigger audience, especially lovers of chamber music who are less familiar with this genre. Obviously the name of the ensemble comes from the word trombone, which is derived from the Italian word ’tromba’, and ‘brass’, the metal the instrument is made of.

BoneBrass, AVRO Spiegelzaal, Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Even after these many years of making music together they are still motivated by the challenge to promote the trombone. They especially try to demonstrate the ‘vocal’ qualities of the instrument. In doing so their stage varies from theatres, castles, concert halls and gardens to churches. Occasionally BoneBrass can be seen in recording studios.

What makes BoneBrass unique: There is lot of interest in the trombone presently because it is such a versatile instrument. The trombone can be romantic, majestic, formal, emotional, intimate, formal. It can be associated with both formal occasions and entertainment. The warm vocal way of making music is attractive to the audience.


Some of the highlights in their history are:

  • collaboration with the program “Holland Sings” on the Dutch Television,
  • concerts with the well known organist Stef Tuinstra,
  • three concerts in a programme entitled “Long Lost Sacred Music from Salzburg” in collaboration with the PURSANG chamber choir conducted by the renowned choir-master and violinist Reinier Wakelkamp: “a sublime blend of the human voice with the warm brass timbre”,
  • collaboration with acclaimed organist and organ-builder Bernhard Edskes on the occasion of the reopening of the Nieuw Scheemda local church after its renovation,
  • a number of concerts with the ‘Nederlands Jagerskoor’,
  • a concert in the famous Santpoort ’t Mosterdzaadje,
  • a concert in Dalen in together with the accordion virtuoso Johan Kleine,
  • performing in ‘Vesperae solennes de confessore’ by Mozart with the ‘Vivente’choir in Venlo,
  • multiple performances in renowned classical concert series in Oud Avereest and Dalfsen (The Netherlands),
  • on the occasion of the celebration of the first decade, there was a life performance on radio 4 (the Dutch channel for classical music) from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Here they were also interviewed by Hans van den Boom,
  • and of course there are the many concerts in which BoneBrass is the only performing ensemble.


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