Jan Bults 
from Emmeloord (The Netherlands) plays tenor-trombone and euphonium with the BoneBrass Ensemble. Jan went through the introductory curriculum at the Groningen Municipal Academy of Music , and was a part-time student in wind-band conducting. For some years, he studied trombone, amongst others with Luuk Tuinstra (trombonist with the Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra). Jan did solo performances with the Northern Netherlands Philharmonic conducted by Charles De Wolff, and, for many years, played with the Magnus Brass Ensemble led by Lubertus Leutscher. He also performed with several leading brass bands in The Netherlands; a connection leading him to many tours through countries such as France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As an instrumental stand-in player with numerous bands, orchestras, and ensembles, he also contributed to many CD-recordings. Next to the classical repertoire, Jan also specializes in the folkloristic wind-music of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Jan plays a Conn 8H trombone, a Besson Sovereign Euphonium, and a Miraphone Cylinder Baritone.


Gert van Veldhuizen from Nes (The Netherlands) plays bass- and tenortrombone with the BoneBrass Ensemble. Gert studied at the Zwolle Academic of Music, after which he now works as a brass music teacher and conductor of music. After his study, Gert played with many ensembles such as the “Nieuw Philharmonisch Orkest”. Gert plays an Edwards Basstrombone and a Conn 88H Tenortrombone.



Wessel Bruggink from Haulerwijk (The Netherlands) plays tenor-trombone. Wessel is a graduate from the Groningen Municipal Prince Claus Academy of Music, where he majored in trombone, and minored in euphonium. During his studies, he played with many bands and orchestras, most notably with the “National Youth Wind-band of The Netherlands” conducted by Jan Cober. With this band, he participated in many foreign tours, visiting Spain, Bulgaria, Japan, and the United States. With another wind-ensemble, he toured Australia and New Zealand. After his studies, Wessel played with many ensembles such as the “New Philharmonic Orchestra”, the “Opera Spanga Festival Orchestra”, the “Brasso” brass-quartet, the “Fiifresom Brass” brass-quintet, and of course “Bone Brass”. He also performs with the “Want2Swing” Big Band formation ( ), and a rock-band specializing in music from the charts. Apart from his many instrumental activities, Wessel is a prolific arranger and a trombone stand-in player in great demand. He plays a Conn 8H trombone.


Martin Oosterwijk studied trombone at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. Classical music with Gerrit Boomsma and Jazz with Cees Smal. He played as a studio musician on several freelance radio orchestras where amongst Vara’s Dansorkest.
He is also regularly involved in freelance symphony orchestras and brass ensembles including Highmoor Brass and trombone quartet Bone Brass. He teaches Brass instruments in the South West region of Drenthe. As a conductor, he is active in several brass bands and big bands. Martin plays a Conn 8H, and King 3B trombone.